OCA FY15 Support Material

The Curators of the University of Missouri
On behalf of
The University Concert Series
Office of Cultural Affairs
Support Materials for Review 

Artistic Quality

1. Video of proposed programming for OCA funding
(see below)
2. Proposed Artist Information Page for OCA funding

 Educational Outreach and Community Involvement
3. Outreach Highlights – Celtic Nights
a.    Students arriving for the School Show at Jesse Auditorium
b.    Photos of the School Show as referenced by the student
4. Letters of Support
a.    Thank you note from student who attended the Celtic Nights school show
b.    Letter from Big Brother Big Sisters in support of the Concert Series outreach program
5. Outreach Highlights – Missoula Children’s Theatre and A Christmas Carol
a.  Photos of the workshops at different schools
b.  Photos of the final production at Jesse Auditorium
c.  Photos of caroling at Lenoir Woods Senior Living



OCA 2014-15 Proposed Programming DVD on Vimeo.