University Concert Series

For over 100 years, the University Concert Series has brought some of the best entertainment in the world to the MU campus to perform in front of the citizens of Columbia, students of the colleges, and visitors from every part of the world.

It is a proud tradition that includes names like Itzhak Perlman, The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Willie Nelson, Smokey Robinson, and on and on.  Truly nobody brings such a diverse array of talent to the area like the University Concert Series.

And now, we have even more chances to entertain our great concert goers.  With the recent acquisition of the Missouri Theatre, the University Concert Series is in the unique and fortunate position to bring more shows, better shows, and to pair them in venues that are some of the best in the area.

During the upcoming seasons, you’ll notice a lot of great changes to the Concert Series, ones that we hope you will embrace and appreciate as we push to make our second 100 years as good as the first.

If you have any questions about what we do, or comments on how we can make the Concert Series better, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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University Concert Series

  1. It is very difficult to see it as a concert series. I would suggest you call it something else. When you compare it to other college/university series, it actually brings shame to the University of Missouri, Columbia. There is nothing wrong in sponsoring a film series but please do not confuse it with a concert series. They are two separate entities.
    What happen to the St. Louis Symphony this year? Nor do I dare suggest we bring in any of the great dance companies from Saint Louis or Kansas City.
    And what about the Kansas City Symphony? What this series needs is someone with some imagination and some knowledge of the concert world.

  2. Joe,
    Thank you for your comments, as you may know Jesse Hall is under renovation this year, and as such no events can take place in Jesse Auditorium. The Missouri Theatre is a wonderful venue, but does not meet the touring requirements of Broadway musicals, nor most professional symphonies. We are actively talking with the St. Louis Symphony and others to see if we can meet their requirements at Missouri Theatre, and hope to add more live classical soon. We realize this is a disappointment to some patrons. If you’d like to talk with the Concert Series director, his contact information is available on our People page.

  3. After eagerly awaiting the news about what programs we would be enjoying this year, I too was a bit shocked to see the line-up. It looks like fun, but certainly not what we’ve begun to expect.

    Thanks so much for the explanation. I get it and am glad this is just temporary.

  4. Hi Tia,
    Due to the renovations of Jesse Hall Concert Series was not able to bring in any live musicals this season. The Missouri Theatre stage cannot accommodate many productions. To try and make up for that we are screening film versions of some our favorite musicals including Meet Me In St. Louis, Singing in the Rain, and a sing along of The Sound of Music. Jesse Hall renovations should be complete in time for the 2015-16 season and Live Broadway Musicals will return to the Concert Series line-up.

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